We provide a safe haven for our clients in today's stormy 'Credit Crisis World.'
We provide a safe haven for our clients in today's stormy "Credit Crisis World."
Real Estate Loans for today's "Credit Crisis World."

(www.realloans.com and www.thecreditcrisis.net websites now merge together into one full service site).
Welcome!!! We provide debt, equity, and mezzanine financing options for most types of properties such as Multi-Family Apartments, Office, Medical, Mini-Storage, Industrial Warehouses, Mobile Home Parks, Hotels & Motels, Gas Stations and Car Washes, Senior Housing, Residential Development projects, and even Land Deals across the USA. 

We use some of the most flexible underwriting guidelines today by offering more flexible Cap Rates and DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratios) so that our clients may qualify for much higher loan amounts, and much better interest rates. 

*** Our goal is to provide our clients with financial solutions in today's "Credit Crisis World" by offering some of the best lending and investment options today.

*** If you already have a formal written loan approval on your property, we will do our best to provide you with even better terms as well as faster funding response times.

*** "Fix and Flip Money" for various types of real estate properties and investors.

*** EZ Doc 1st and 2nd loan options available for Apartments (5 + units) and Commercial Properties.

*** REFERRAL FEES PAID (subject to licensing and state laws).


*** The best way to reach Rick Tobin, the owner of this site, is by email at this direct email address: rtobin22@gmail.com 

To learn more about our various types of debt, equity, and mezzanine programs, please visit one of my blogs linked here for more details:


Please look for Rick Tobin's articles on Creative Real Estate Online (#1 real estate investing website in America -  www.creonline.com ), REI Wealth Monthly (a top digital real estate and investment magazine specifically designed for Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod (http://reiwealthmag.com/blog/), (the REI (Real Estate Investing) Club website - www.reiclub.com ), The Scotsman Guide (www.scotsmanguide.com), additional national mortgage, real estate, and investment publications, and in other blogs, websites, newspapers, investment newsletters, and magazines.

Recent articles written by Rick Tobin, and published in 2013 and 2014, include these ones below:







We will do our best to notify you about the latest legal and financial changes as well as updates on the best real estate bargains and loan options today.
There may be once in a lifetime real estate investment opportunities for all of us due to the combination of extremely low real estate prices, artificially suppressed residential and commerical property inventory levels, and rates near all time lows today. 

Thank you for visiting the website.

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